TweakXPlorer 2.9.3

Customize basic aspects of Windows File Explorer


  • Easy to use
  • Changes are applied in real time
  • Changes can be rolled back any time


  • Could have more tweaking options

Not bad

Tired of the traditional blue title bar and yellow folders in Windows File Explorer? Make the change with TweakXPlorer!

This little app lets you customize some basic features in File Explorer, the file management tool in Windows. You'll be able to customize the background of folders with a selected color or image, apply an image also to File Explorer and Internet Explorer toolbar, spice up folder icons with a small picture inserted into the folder and also tweak a few settings in the Windows taskbar.

The different options in TweakXPlorer are conveniently organized in tabs in the program's interface, which makes it really easy to use. Also, all changes are applied in real time, and can be rolled back to standard settings at any time.

The idea behind TweakXPlorer is good, and the program is efficient and straightforward. Too bad sometimes it feels a bit too simple and lacks more advanced customizing options.

With TweakXPlorer you can tweak the way Windows File Explorer and the Windows taskbar look and behave, though only in its most basic features.



TweakXPlorer 2.9.3

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